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Denim's Den


3 June
Well, what to say? .. Firstly I love to be by myself, I don't need people around me to feel good. My thoughts and I are very good company.

On the other hand I love people, conversations, discussions, empathising, philosophising, laughing, socialising or just being at home and mucking around.

I don't need much to make me happy, I can see the positive in everything. I am not into negativity, I feel it gets me nowhere and makes for much unhappiness. Feeling negativity from any source puts me under a cloud..this does not mean in cyberspace, just real life!

Sorry if I sound boring but I'm truly not ...

I try and solve problems and if I can't then I put them into boxes in my mind as I hate clutter. From here I work on them one at a time or they solve themselves. I have found everything gets solved eventually. I have many years experience in this..!!

I love to give and receive a smile. I smile at strangers, they very often smile back.

I can sometimes get stressed, like everyone, occasionally I have have trouble getting to sleep.

ButI am mostly happy,
I love and treasure my children, grandchildren
I am grateful for most things
I see the good in everyone and everything

Sometimes I have doubts but we all have THEM sometimes .. I try and get over them.

If I am your friend I will stay your friend, you give to me and I'll give back to you, readily..until and if I have reason for doubts, then I will stop and think and maybe re-assess.

Life is good.