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"What is the very worst thing that can happen"

I go to this piece of writing when I need to, when I need to stop worrying about something, to make sense of a situation that is happening or just to reaffirm that
all the worrying in the world will not change an outcome.  Believe me it helps, what
is written here is true, ....kudos to this widely read  philosopher.

When some misfortune threatens, consider
serious and deliberately what is the very worst
that could possibly happen.  Having looked this
possible misfortune in the face, give yourself
sound reasons for thinking that after all it
would be no such terrible disaster.  Such
reasons always exist, since at the worst nothing
that happens to oneself has any cosmic

When you have looked for some time
steadily at the worst possibility and have said
to yourself with real conviction, "Well, after all,
that would not matter so very much,"  you will
find that your worry diminishes to a quite
extraordinary extent. 

It may be necessary
to repeat the process a few times, but in the end,
if you have shirked nothing in facing the
worst possible issue, you will find that your
worry disappears altogether and is replaced
by a kind of exhilaration.


                                                                        Bertrand Russell
                                                              The Conquest of Happiness

Tasmania me

My den has turned spooky!

Hah, hah, hah, this just isn't me is it? ...   My new page design and user pic.

I am so bored with pastel, I am always some shade of pastel

So I dared to be different

Check it out and let me know what you think

If it's gone,  along with the "magic happens" user pic, then

I have already changed it ..

In the meantime I'm off to find my tarot cards and see if I remember how to use them

this page may give me some superpowers !! 
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Friday fabulous five 5/10/07

There are a few things I am feeling happy about this week

1)       I decided to book in for the cortisone injection in  my shoulder,  (done under ultrasound
           guidance), for next Friday.   I am being very positive that this is the right decision.

2)       I was walking passed Sportsgirl and went in to have  a browze around - I came out with a
           lovely  white top (like I really need another white top!!) but it was so lovely and light and cool
           and it will look great  with  denim clothes;  ( the pic doesn't quite do it justice .. )


3)      My son and family are off on a cruise for a week, they leave Brisbane  on Saturday; 
         they  will have such a good time.   The children are very excited,  Kids Club and all, 
         so that makes me  happy.

4)      I have prepared dinner for tonight and all is left to do is pour over the stock and put it
          in the oven.   Voila - tea is done.  Oh and btw this is the tea I drink every afternoon, it is
          divine ..


5)      In my garden there is a plant that only flowers once a year, the leaves stay the same dark all
          year long and then  a bloom appears  from the middle.  It only lasts just over a week.   (I noticed
          it yesterday.        
          It looked so beautiful I just had to take a pic.

so,  there are some things that have made me happy this week .....
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My fav things meme

I was given an "L" by


Ask me for a letter of the alphabet. Then comment here with your 10 favourite things beginning with that letter, post it in your LJ, and invite others to do likewise.

 1)    Lace:   I love lace edgings on certain items of clothing (white lace)

 2)    Lemon and Honey Herbal Tea:   Lovely and refreshing at any time and as a change from coffee
        and black tea

 3)    Lavender:   Of course, it's my favourite thing or smell

 4)    Lazyboy couches:  I have one and I love being there  for watching TV or reading

 5)    Libraries:  That is where all the good books are and it is a very peaceful place to wander around

 6)    LJ icons:  I love finding them, (smiles to Sahm), also  downloading them but I don't change them 
        on my journal as often as I should

 7)    Laughing:  The best thing in the world, it's so good to have a belly laugh and laugh with friends or
        about oneself

  8    Lammingtons:  A very favourite cake but they have to be very fresh and full of cream

 9)    Love:  Where would we be without love. Romantic love (ideally), love of life, of children, of flowers -
       of anything really. We all need love of something

10)   Lying in bed:  Usually for a reason, like a nap or reading,  but most of all I love lying in my bed for
Tasmania me

just an ordinary Monday .. I love mondays

... and it started when I got out of bed and took Darcy for a long walk by the High School and along the start of the bike path where the riverbank is .. where it meanders along and through the shopping centre, it's not called a river, it's Schutz Canal I think.

The grass is green now,  there was dew this morning and Darcy got wet up to his tummy., which isn't very far off the ground!  We were out for about 40 minutes and a wet tummy was a good excuse to give him a bath and a good grooming.  He loves me when I do this, he stands as still as can be while I wash him with a Doggie Emu Oil shampoo and then towel him dry and brush him while we sit in the sun and I tell him how lucky he is.

The wind started blowing from the north west later, it was so hot and the temperature on the deck said 31 degrees.  Winter is definitely over. Later I cleaned ..  even the floors;   they got a vacuum and mop, they sparkle.  SO, clean house, clean dog, happy me.

After that  my shoulder was aching quite bad so I put rollers in my freshly washed hair, thinking it would be easier than blowdrying .. I was wrong!   I won't do that again in a hurry.  My shoulder is very sore right now  .. lucky the ultrasound is tomorrow.

I have felt so relaxed today, I played no music, the TV has not been turned on, Bob hasn't called in and out for morning tea, lunch etc. so it has been me and the wind and the dog.  I needed a day like this,  with no noise, nothing.  I must do it more often.

It's time to  light my candle, I always light it around this time of day and I love the shape it's becoming.  I wish it would last forever just as it is right now.  The perfume is sandalwood, an amazing perfume.

Here it is, I'll share it with you..before I go into the kitchen to prepare dinner and pour a wine..


Tasmania me

... anyone ever feel like this?


OR THIS                                                                   
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Looking from the inside out, today in Brisbane


pitter-patter, rain dropping
harder, softer
stopping suddenly then starting

strong winds blowing,
leaves falling,
fig tree berries messing paths

black crows diving
looking, squawking,
landing safely in the trees

tyres hissing, squelching,
roads drowning 
drivers braking far too hard

gutters blocking, gurgling,
swirling, collecting
dead leaves from the ground

posties hurrying, blinking,
sniffing raindrops
quickly stuffing mounds of mail

mummy reading, writing,
puppy sleeping
smelling candles all aglow
wondering, hoping, praying
all this rain
has filled our dams



Tasmania me

... a dream on my desktop

This is the picture I have on my desktop at the moment.  I love it and it's not one of Kyle's but similar. { I will do an update on his trip along with some of his photos this week }.   This is where I want to go. Whether or not I make it is yet to be seen.  It's in Tuscany (of course).  Don't you just love the colours?  Can you imagine seeing it all day long?   I'm in love! ....

I love this too, I wanna go there.  I'll be saving this my to desktop as well.....another day.


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A Stuart Wilde alternative philosophy


They say that the lush things of life make you

fat.  And they are probably right.  But if you

constantly deny yourself the lush sensual

things of life, eventually your spirit gets too

thin.  It is better that you are a little over-

weight and that your heart is full and rich

with life's experiences, than you wind up

with a thin body and an anorexic spirit ...